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Here are items currently needed year-round:

Transformations needs:
-Dinners for our classes (usually for 12 persons) can be cooked or bought
-Groceries for our food bags

Clothing Exchanges/Clothes Closet

-New and clothing of all sizes
(Especially men's clothing)

-New shoes of all sizes

-New underwear in all sizes
-New socks in all sizes

-New accessories

(i.e. handbags, purses, hats, belts, scarves, etc.)

Other General Needs
-Paper plates/napkins/plasticware

-Copy/printer paper

-Postage stamps
-Travel-sized hygiene items
-Devotional materials & Bibles

Here are items needed on a seasonal basis:


Kid’s Connection (Summer)

-100 bottles of water for each VBS

-Individual bags of chips to serve with the lunches

-Wet wipes to clean hands after crafts and before lunch

-$5 fast food gift cards to use as bingo prizes

-New and gently used children’s books

Trunk-or-Treat (Fall) & Easter Egg Hunt (Spring)
-100 child size toothbrushes
-100 adult sized toothbrushes

-Variety of Candy (No Chocolate)
-75 full sized tubes of toothpaste
-Small prizes such as kid’s meal toys

Birthday Party for Jesus (Early Winter)
-New board games
-New and gently used toys
-New and gently used books
-New and gently used stuffed animals


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