We continue to see the effect of the pandemic with increased food insecurity in South Georgia. As a result we continue to pass out grocery bags with meals for families. We had previously distributed over 85,000 sack lunches and have now given over 1,500 bags of groceries!  Currently we are scheduled to continue the full grocery line through April and then shift to incentive program where people volunteer or take educational courses for the groceries. If you would like to donate food items or help with groceries, please contact us for an updated list of needed items.


Breakfast Items:
Mini cereals, Pop Tarts, granola bars, Nutrigrain bars,
Fresh fruit--apples, oranges, cuties/halos, green bananas
Cinnamon rolls, honey buns and muffins


Bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns
Packages of sliced sandwich meat (chicken, turkey, ham, roast beef)
Slices of American cheese
Individual bags of chips or pretzels 


Other Snacks:
Individual bags of cookies, Little Debbie's, Hostess treats, Rice Krispie treats, etc.
Cups of pudding and applesauce

Goldfish crackers, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, or other snack items



Capri Suns, Kool Aid Jammers, juice boxes
Cases of bottled water

Items can be dropped off at the Living Bridges Ministry Community Center (111 E Adair St) any time Monday through Wednesday between 9am and 3pm. Other drop off times can be arranged by calling 229-234-7427.

Here are items currently needed year-round:

Transformations needs:
-Dinners for our classes (usually for 12 persons) can be cooked or bought
-Groceries for our food bags

Clothing Exchanges/Clothes Closet

-New and gently used clothing of all sizes
(Especially men's clothing)

-New and gently used shoes of all sizes

-New underwear in all sizes
-New socks in all sizes

-New or gently used accessories

(i.e. handbags, purses, hats, belts, scarves, etc.)

Other General Needs
-Paper plates/napkins/plasticware

-Copy/printer paper

-Postage stamps
-Travel-sized hygiene items
-Devotional materials & Bibles

Here are items needed on a seasonal basis:


Kid’s Connection (Summer)

-100 bottles of water for each VBS

-Individual bags of chips to serve with the lunches

-Wet wipes to clean hands after crafts and before lunch

-$5 fast food gift cards to use as bingo prizes

-New and gently used children’s books

Trunk-or-Treat (Fall) & Easter Egg Hunt (Spring)
-100 child size toothbrushes
-100 adult sized toothbrushes

-Variety of Candy (No Chocolate)
-75 full sized tubes of toothpaste
-Small prizes such as kid’s meal toys

Birthday Party for Jesus (Early Winter)
-New board games
-New and gently used toys
-New and gently used books
-New and gently used stuffed animals