Every year near Easter, we provide children a safe place to come and join in fun activities and a Easter Egg Hunt.  Families are invited to come enjoy with us.  We also use this opportunity to distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste to children and families who are in need. The 2021 Easter Egg Hunt will be hosted digitally on March 20th. Please reach out for more details. 


Each year around Halloween, we hold a Fall Festival at Scott Park to offer a safe environment for kids to join in fun games and activities as they move from each car/booth getting candy.  All families are welcome to participate in this great time with us.  We also distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste. 2021 Truk-or-Treat to be held on October 23rd. 


Our Birthday Party for Jesus is a celebration we host every year.  Similar to our Kid's Connection program, children will hear a Bible story, make a craft, and do a game or activity.  Meanwhile, parents are picking out toys for their children from donations. We also distribute new board games in an effort to encourage quality family time.

Additional Ministries

In addition to our other ministries, throughout the year we hold special seasonal events to reach out and serve families during the holidays times. We currently do three of these events each year.

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