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We invite you to participate and serve with us in the ministry.  There are several ways someone can help support Living Bridges Ministry. 



The first and primary way anyone can support the ministry is through prayer.  Prayer is essential in all that we do, so we ask for continual prayer for us in the leading of the ministry as well as for the individuals and families that we are blessed to serve.  The ministry operates under the Lord's will and so pray that we follow where He leads and trust in His daily provision.


A second way someone can get involved is through volunteering and joining in the ministry.  Living Bridges is entirely volunteer staffed, so every ministry program offered requires volunteer help. Whether volunteers are able to serve only once at an event or several times, we appreciate their support.  For more information about volunteering, contact us or visit our Volunteer page for specific ministry area opportunities.  



Another way to get involved would be donations to the ministry.  We can always use financial support of the ministry.  Living Bridges almost solely relies on private donations for funding.  We accept financial donations either electronically through PayPal or by mail if you prefer to send a check to our address.  We also need donations of material goods like food, clothing, home decor items, gently used toys, and other items.  For details on how to donate whether monetarily or other items, visit our Donate page.


A final way to get involved would be through ministry partnership.  If your business, organization, or ministry would like to partner in support of our local area, contact us to see how we can work together to build a better community.  Visit our Ministry Partners page for details of current partners.

Get Involved

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