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Living Bridge in Khalasi Hills of India  Photo credit: Amos Chapple

Empowering individuals while serving our community in faith by bridging the gap between poverty and prosperity through transformative education and connection to resources

The Amazing Scaventure is back!
The race will be be run on September 23rd.
Remember to save that date!



Operating two buildings and adding part-time employees for greater support capabilities is resulting in an expanding budget. If you feel inclined, please consider a donation to support our programs as we serve our community.

You may use the button below, CashApp ($LivingBridges), or Paypal  (

Additionally, please consider partnering with us via Raise Right. This service allows you to purchase gift cards for everyday purchases, gives Living Bridges a portion of the sales proceeds, and you still receive a gift card for 100% of the value of the sale.  

You can register at and use registration code ZIQIYZBH3M4D or use through their mobile app.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Our Community Center is located at 111 East Adair St. and is pictured above. Please visit us sometime!
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