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Living Bridge in Khalasi Hills of India  Photo credit: Amos Chapple

Building Bridges in Faith Which Allow Us to Educate People About Resources and Solutions that Meet Their Needs and Help Them Thrive in Every Aspect of Life

Join us on May 11th for our 2nd annual Amazing Scaventure! Form a team support a local ministry and win great prizes!
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We are currently taking registrations for up to 50 kids for our summer reading program. To register fill out the form in this link If you have any questions, please call or text us at (229)234-7427 or email

Our Community Center is located at 111 East Adair St. and is pictured above. Please come pay us a visit and take a tour.

Take a look at what has happened through

Living Bridges this year

Living Bridges 2023 Recap Video Link

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