Absolutely none of that would have been possible without strong community support! Also, there have been several businesses and groups who have supported us over the last few weeks! We are so thankful for your support! Special thanks to Randy DeCoudres from Woodstack/Friends/Salty Snapper for coordinating the cooking of most of our food! Thank you to our volunteers who came from Valdosta Police Department, Park Avenue UMC, Valdostathe Church: The People not the BuildingGreater Valdosta United WayValdosta Rotary Club and other individuals for your tireless service on our food line. Thank you to the staff of CrossPointe Church for bagging bulk cereal in individual portions so we could send it out through our line. Thank you to Pepsi-Cola Bottling, St John's Catholic Church, Chick-fil-A North ValdostaWoodstack BBQ TavernBig Nick's, Church of God by Faith, Park Avenue UMC, ValdostaCorbett Brothers FarmsCrossPointe Church, the UGA extension office master gardeners who have brought produce from the school gardens and Christi Marsh - State Farm for your food and drink donations! Park Ave UMC brought over 4,000 food items that they collected from their church members! Thank you to Christi Marsh - State Farm for color books that we could send out through our line to kids. Thank you Walmart Valdosta - Norman Dr for seed donations that we sent out so our families could plant flowers and produce! Thank you to Barnes Healthcare Servicesfor the grant, to the Valdosta Board of REALTORSLaws Furniture CentralPerfect Settings, Greater Valdosta United Way and so many others for your donations that keep the sack lunch line running! Continued thanks to Dana and Cheryl for the Faith Over Fear sign fundraiser which continues to sell signs to fund lunches! How blessed we are to have all of you involved with us! Please consider how you can join in contributing to the effort by donating to help feed these families. We appreciate all the prayers, donations and support of volunteers and donors!


We know there are many needing help in the area of Lowndes County and South Georgia during this time. In effort to assist families in need, we began in March serving sack lunches along with breakfasts to the community. We serve meals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm (or until we run out) in the front yard of the Living Bridges Ministry Community Center located at 111 E Adair Street. Families may come by and pick up lunches for the entire family. We will accept food donations for sack meals or people may donate monetarily to specifically provide food. No other items can be received at this time because we don't have the staff to cover the processing. Those donations can be received Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY from 9am to 3pm. For 11 weeks now we have served the people of Valdosta with more than 13,000 sack lunches. Since each sack contains a lunch, a breakfast, and a snack. We have sent over 26,000 meals out into the community!


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